Perfect Pitch for BU Ignition Applicants

Linda · February 8, 2023

You know how to present. You know how to teach, to give presentations at conferences or in front of classrooms or colleagues. You know “perfection” is a waste of time when you have so much important work (and overhead) to do. Someone sent you here and you are wondering why you should bother.

Ignition judges want insight, not a lecture

Teaching is about giving people tools to do something that is valuable to them. The process usually requires considerable investment of time, money and effort.

Pitching is about helping people to see opportunities to improve the world in some way that matters to them. It is about convincing people that your opportunity deserves the investment of their time, money and effort more than the dozens of other opportunities that are pitched to them every day.

Your Ignition pitch is your most powerful tool for convincing the judges that you can leverage the grant funding to take a significant step toward commercialization, and that you can then attract business interest.

“Perfect Pitch”, not A “Perfect” Pitch

The key is in tuning your words for the ears of your audience

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