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Use the online materials for Pre-Workshop Preparation


  • Elevator Pitch: Be prepared to introduce yourself during the workshop with your 1-min elevator pitch.

Optional but highly recommended!

  • Marketing Docs: Upload your current pitch deck (PowerPoint, please!), one pagers, and other collateral if you’d like it to be considered for live coaching during the workshop.
  • Quick preview: Watch the “10 Questions” 3-minute videos to get an overview of the approach we’ll use during the workshop.
  • Prepare: Review the sections on Perfect Pitch Philosophy, Question 01: Who cares?, and Question 02: What do you do?
    • Content: There is a top-level description for each section (and links to detailed content).
    • Quizzes: Test your knowledge! If the Quiz is easy, great. If you get more wrong than right, do the exercises.
    • Exercises: Each section has a series of exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned from the content to your own situation.

Confused? The video below may help!

  • Training, Coaching & Polishing schedule
  • About the Workshop (Training)
  • How to access your online course
  • Coming soon: About your Coaching & Polishing
  • Note: Click on blue dots in player to jump to a specific segment.
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