PowerPoint is a powerful communications supplement to your story… or a kludgy, time-consuming and cumbersome platform for generating boring presentations.

Most of my clients send me decks that leverage few if any of the time-saving capabilities of PowerPoint. That’s fine if you want to retain me to fix your deck in addition to refining your messaging and delivery – after all, I am the self-appointed Queen of PowerPoint – but it’s not the best use of our time.

Even worse, graphic designers and others have given up on trying to train their clients on how to use PowerPoint properly, which means every update to the beautiful decks they build gets a little worse, a little less accurately branded and a little more inconsistent.

With a few simple skills, you can avoid all those problems plus save time, money and energy. Or just hire me, whichever works for you.

In PowerPoint*, Plano & Simple, how-to videos, templates and examples will help you convert PowerPoint from a source of frustration and boring presentations into a valuable resource that saves you time and energy while maintaining your branding and your messaging every time.

At the lesson level, AKA Plano & Simple, you will find a quick overview and how-to video. If you want more details, tips and tools, dive into the topics level, AKA Details.

*NOTE: While the files, text and videos in this course are focused on PowerPoint, the principles apply to any platform you choose to use, including Google Slides, Keynote, or others.

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