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Strategic Communications for the BU Community

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  1. INTRO

    Welcome, BU Community
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  2. Isn't pitching just for salespeople and startups?
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  3. Links, Dates & Materials
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  4. Exercise Files
  5. YOUR current pitch(es)
    Overview for "Tune Your Words"
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  7. Overview for "Know Your Audience"
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  8. Overview for "The 10 Questions"
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    Overview for "Build Your Case" (Q01)
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  10. Overview for "Show Your Impact" (Q02)
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  11. Overview for "Be the Best" (Q03)
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  12. Overview for "Protect Your Advantage" (Q04)
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  13. Overview for "Validate Your Claims" (Q05)
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  14. Overview for "Acquire Your Customers" (Q06)
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  15. Overview for "Know Your Numbers" (Q07)
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  16. Overview for "Grow Your Team" (Q08)
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  17. Overview for "Plan for Success" (Q09)
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  18. Overview for "Make Your Ask" (Q10)
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    Wrap Up
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Welcome, BU Community

My name is Linda Plano. I am a scientist by training (MIT & Stanford), a businesswoman by experience (executive roles in startups & established organizations), and a teacher by passion.

It’s been my privilege to work with dozens of your colleagues since 2005, helping them to attract the attention of investors, win grants, and add to their communications tools. I am very excited to offer more comprehensive support to the BU Community through the programs designed for Faculty Entrepreneurship.

Perfect Pitch for BU

If you want to improve your proposals, pitches, and other strategic communications by learning Perfect Pitch, you have several options:

  • Perfect Pitch Workshops: Scheduled group events covering the Perfect Pitch framework plus coaching of volunteers’ elevator pitches.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Intensive sessions using Perfect Pitch to translate your vision into a pitch for your target audience: grant managers, investors, sponsors, collaborators, etc.
  • Online course: Self-paced multimedia program to prepare for coaching, review workshop materials or train yourself.

Details are available in the subtopics of this page, or just click on the bold text above to go to the relevant page.

Bonus Coaching

Everyone in the BU Community is invited to use this course as a self-paced method to improve your strategic communications skills (see details below).

If you would like to receive professional, customized coaching, you have two options:

  • Earn subsidized coaching: The Rana Gupta Fund will provide a limited number of applicants with a session with international communications consultant, Linda Plano, valued at $1,000.
    • To apply, simply complete the exercises (download your workbook from “Perfect Pitch Downloads for BU”) and upload them in the final lesson. Your submission will be evaluated and you will be notified within two weeks as to whether you have qualified for a subsidized session.
    • Note that this offer is available only to those who wish to commercialize their innovations via licensing or spin out.
  • Schedule a session: You may schedule a session with Linda Plano directly, at full price. Reach Linda at

Let's Talk!

15-min Discovery Call

Short discussion to identify  the best way to proceed for your situation.

30-min Free Consult

Experience my process and get practical advice for an upcoming presentation or pitch.