About this Online Course

The course comprises a dozen short videos that walk you through the process of framing your ideas and vision in a way that helps strengthen any proposal or “ask” that you would like to make, to any audience, from grant managers to colleagues to investors.

The videos discuss different aspects of my “Perfect Pitch” method, including concepts and tools for implementing them. It will help you to convert your tactical communications to strategic communications, assisting you in achieving your goals.

Perfect Pitch has been taught to more than a thousand innovators, including many academics, who have gone on to raise a total of more than $1.3B in grants and equity investments.

For each video, you are encouraged to take a quiz and do exercises. These exercises will help you to implement Perfect Pitch for your current project and to get a more comprehensive understanding of the material.


Please use the course for any or all of the following:

  • Demonstrate that you are serious about commercializing your technology to win a sponsored pitch coaching session.
  • Maximize the benefit of your coaching session by helping you to organize and prepare your data before the session starts.
  • Introduce you to the concepts before you attend a workshop or a coaching session so that you gain more benefit from it.
  • Provide a quick reference for your future pitches and other strategic communications.


You will learn:

  • Perfect Pitch: This course includes all my best advice for tuning your words for the ears of your target audience, distilled from more than a decade of coaching experience around the world.
  • Quizzes: Short tests at the end of each section so you can be confident that you absorbed critical concepts.
  • Exercises: Until you apply what you’ve learned to your own situation, Perfect Pitch is just a simple system that will have limited impact on your future success.


None required, though if you are in a hurry, you may want to review the optional preparation exercises to maximize the benefit you get from the rest of the course.


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