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Strategic Communications for the BU Community

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  1. INTRO

    Welcome, BU Community
    5 Topics
  2. Isn't pitching just for salespeople and startups?
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  3. Links, Dates & Materials
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  4. Exercise Files
  5. YOUR current pitch(es)
    Overview for "Tune Your Words"
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  7. Overview for "Know Your Audience"
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  8. Overview for "The 10 Questions"
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    Overview for "Build Your Case" (Q01)
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  10. Overview for "Show Your Impact" (Q02)
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  11. Overview for "Be the Best" (Q03)
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  12. Overview for "Protect Your Advantage" (Q04)
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  13. Overview for "Validate Your Claims" (Q05)
    4 Topics
  14. Overview for "Acquire Your Customers" (Q06)
    6 Topics
  15. Overview for "Know Your Numbers" (Q07)
    6 Topics
  16. Overview for "Grow Your Team" (Q08)
    3 Topics
  17. Overview for "Plan for Success" (Q09)
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  18. Overview for "Make Your Ask" (Q10)
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    Wrap Up
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Join us for a 1-hour overview of Perfect Pitch, a practical and straightforward method for translating your complex ideas into clear, concise and compelling pitches that help you get the resources you need to realize your vision.

The training session is followed by 30 minutes of live pitch coaching of volunteers. Bring your one-minute elevator pitch, whether you think it’s great or needs work, and we’ll make it better together.


In this workshop, you will learn:

  • 10 Questions: Simple questions that help you to extract the salient points from each aspect of your vision and ensure that you never forget a critical point.
  • 4 Types of Pitches: Identify the essential tools that will help every pitch you do – whether for a grant, an investment or a job – to be more successful.
  • 3 Essential Parts: The essential elements of every pitch, no matter whom you are pitching to.
  • 2 Critical Guidelines: Leverage these guardrails to keep your audience focused on your vision.


Please bring any pitching materials you like, from a one-minute verbal pitch to a website to a full deck, if you would like to receive a constructive critique (time allowing).

You are encouraged to go through the videos in this course to familiarize yourself with the concepts, but you are not required to do so. You may find them useful to review after the workshop.


See Links & Dates for upcoming workshops.

Workshops are offered periodically. If none is available in the time frame that you need, please contact me at or schedule a 15-minute discovery call with me at

Workshops are held on both campuses and are also available online by request. Online workshops are recorded and the recordings made available for a limited period of time.


Let's Talk!

15-min Discovery Call

Short discussion to identify  the best way to proceed for your situation.

30-min Free Consult

Experience my process and get practical advice for an upcoming presentation or pitch.