“Perfect Pitch” for the VC Bootcamp

Linda · February 17, 2023

Welcome to the Canadian Consulate’s VC Bootcamp program on pitching! “Perfect Pitch” training & coaching provides you with the tools to transform your complex value proposition into a pitch that is clear, concise and compelling to your target audience, every time.

Join the course* to access 2 sections:

  1. Resources” Section: Links and videos from the 2-part webinar series.
    • Scheduling app, webinar recordings, downloadable exercise.
  2. Self-paced “Build Your Pitch” Section
    • Access recordings, quizzes and exercises to refine your understanding of the 10 Questions.
    • Submit your elevator pitch for each of the 10 Questions.
    • Result: your script for your 10-minute pitch!

* IMPORTANT: To join the course, please create an account on this site using your VC Bootcamp email. If you wish to use a different email, please make the request to Linda@PlanoAndSimple.com.

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