2020 BioInnovation Challenge


BioNova’s 8th BioInnovation Challenge (BIC) Accelerator, 8 September – 4 November 2020, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (Workshop (8 – 11 September) and Coaching delivered Online from Boston)

The BIC Perfect Pitch Workshop has evolved from a one-day program in Fall 2013 to a 4-day online program in Fall 2020 (thanks to COVID). I am delighted to be delivering the eighth “Perfect Pitch Workshop” for BioNova in Halifax, though very sad not to be visiting in person. One-on-One coaching starts in mid-September and extends up to the BioPort Atlantic conference on 3 & 4 November.


The workshop focuses on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your value proposition in a context that matters to your audience, whether internal to your startup or external, to investors, customers, partners – and of course, judges! You will also learn the most useful tips and tools for developing and delivering critical support materials. Most of our efforts will focus on slide decks, but we’ll also discuss one-pagers, websites and videos.

All participating teams also receive one-on-one coaching to help them apply the lessons of the workshop to their specific value propositions and audiences. They also receive Full Pitch Development, i.e., creation of branded decks, graphic and animated elements, talking points and scripts followed by a second one-on-one session to polish their presentations for the final competition at BioPort Atlantic in November.

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