2020 MITEF CEE 4th Edition

MIT Enterprise Forum 4th CEE Accelerator, 5 November 2020 – 20 January 2021, Warsaw, Poland (Workshop and Coaching Online from Boston).

The Pitch Academy is the ninth delivered for the MIT Enterprise Forum based in Warsaw. It has grown from a half-day seminar in the first edition in Spring 2016 to a 3-day online program in Summer 2020. All participating teams also receive one-on-one coaching to help them apply the lessons of the academy to their specific value propositions and audiences. The finalists for each accelerator engage in a second one-on-one session to polish their presentations for Demo Day. And those who are chosen as the top ten receive more customized coaching on their in-person and one-pager pitches in preparation for their Boston Bootcamp adventure.

Unfortunately, in 2020, there was no Boston Bootcamp due to COVID but the goal of all coaching is to help every entrepreneur to develop and deliver the most compelling case for their startup and value proposition possible for the investors, partners, customers – and of course judges – that they wish to engage. The Boston Bootcamp may take place in 2021, please stay tuned.

The online Academy was a success in spite of the grueling schedule of six-hour sessions, with many entrepreneurs remaining to learn bonus content each day for an hour to 90 minutes longer. We will continue to improve and refine the tools developed for the online version for use in future online and in person programs.

You can read about the Demo Day participants and winners for this edition of the accelerator by clicking on the “Learn more…” link below.

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