Intensive Coaching for your EIC Accelerator Interview

Welcome! Please sign up for your 30-minute one-on-one coaching session on interviewing for admission to the EIC accelerator. Use the calendar below to schedule (please check the time zone carefully; your coach (Linda Plano) is located in Boston on EST (GMT-5).

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Schedule your 30-minute Polishing Session

Use your POL coupon to access this $250 service at no charge to you on 22 January only.

About your coaching session

  • Polishing Session (POL): 30-minute session on 22 January 2024
    • We start with you delivering your updated pitch.
    • You receive feedback on your pitching and Q&A technique.
  • Notes
    • Webinars are recorded for your reference and my records. No one else is given access.
    • Please be on time and avoid scheduling another meeting immediately after the session.

Let's Talk!

15-min Discovery Call

Short discussion to identify  the best way to proceed for your situation.

30-min Free Consult

Experience my process and get practical advice for an upcoming presentation or pitch.