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About Linda Plano

Helping you to realize your vision is my motivation

I have a knack for translating complex ideas into clear communications, and for helping people with different visions come to consensus. I love what I do and, if you could use a fresh perspective, I hope you will reach out!

Strategic Communications Moves Mountains

Tactical communications processes rely on copying older presentations and changing a word or image here and there, resulting in a patchwork document. Efficient development of compelling communications depends on solid fundamentals that can be adapted to any circumstance.

You Pitch Almost Every Day

Every communication has an “ask” associated with it, even if is just an implicit request for the audience’s attention while you speak.

Anytime you ask somebody to do something they were not already planning to do, you are pitching to them!

Thus, my “Perfect Pitch” approach is the foundation on which all my Strategic Communications services are based.

10 simple questions underlie
every great pitch

For people to know, like and trust you, your communications need to walk a tightrope between engaging high-level information and critical depth of knowledge.

Over the years, I have developed this set of 10 simple questions that will ensure that you are touching on all relevant subjects without having to depend on someone else’s template.

Capture their imagination

  • Identify a significant problem.
  • Find out how many are losing money.
  • Determine how much they would pay to solve it.
  • Use these numbers to estimate your market size.
  • Avoid relying solely on expensive market studies.
  • Describe your secret sauce.
  • Talk about what it does, not how it works
  • Relate it to the problem you just described.
  • Use layman’s language.
  • Do not use jargon.
  • Do not teach the underlying science.
  • Do not reveal proprietary information.
Competitive advantage.

Validate the opportunity

Barriers to entry.
Proof of concept, traction.
Accordion Content

Achieve buy-in

Financial projections.

Leadership team.

Development plan with milestones.

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