Brought to you by MIT Enterprise Forum CEE on 11 May 2022.

This webinar highlights a structured process developed by Linda Plano (Plano & Simple) that serves as a corporate guide to evaluating & pitching tech startups to the Board.


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  • Introductions
    • Participants
    • Lukasz (MITEF CEE)
    • Linda (Plano & Simple)
  • Managing risks & benefits in your innovation pipeline
    • Recruit
    • Evaluate
    • Manage
  • Soft criteria & the 10 Questions
    • Q01: Why should the Board care?
    • Q02: What do they (the innovators) do?
    • Q03: Why will their innovation win?
    • Q04: How will they sustain their advantage?
    • Q05: Does it work?
    • Q06: How will you make money?
    • Q07: How much financial impact will they have on your business?
    • Q08: Why them?
    • Q09: What will they do?
    • Q10: How much will it cost?
  • Constructive decisions
    • Say “No”
    • Say “Yes”
  • Wrap up
    • Additional training opportunities
    • Q&A (Tools for presenting innovations)


Tools for presenting innovations:

Slide handouts:

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