04 Q01: Who cares?

Q01 vSimple: PROBLEM

You have just a few seconds to capture the interest of your audience when you start a pitch. Focus right away on the magnitude of the problem you are solving and why a new solution is needed. Avoid wasting time at the beginning on your company’s history, the agenda, and other filler information. once you …

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Q01 vExecute: WHO CARES?

Download the PPP Exercise file at the Exercise Downloads page for your convenience. Purpose Capture the audience’s imagination (market opportunity version) Establish (potential) demand from customers in both your initial target (beachhead) market and your blue sky growth markets. If you are pitching to customers or strategic partners, you should shift the focus to their …

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Question 01: Who cares?

Business issues: Customer, market pain, market size The answer to Who cares? includes Who your customer is What problem of theirs you are solving (what is the market pain?) How much they are paying to solve it (how large is the market?) The more specific you can be in your answers, the greater insight you …

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