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Session 02 has been moved to a new course! Please return to your My Account page and click on MIT Enterprise Forum CEE Pitch Academy Session 02 or try this link… Why the change? TMI – Too Much Information! Apparently, I tried to shovel too much content into our course and I was overloading the …

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Question 05: Does it work?

Fear: Cool toy… but only a toy No matter how perfect your products and services may seem on the drawing board, it’s how they perform in the real world that matters to your customers. Maybe your innovation won’t deliver on its promise and really, it would be much better/ safer/ easier to just stay with …

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Question 04: How will you stay ahead?

Business issues: SUSTAINABLE competitive advantage In Question 03, we clarified your competitive advantage in terms of customer benefits for your current target markets. But there are many challenges you face when your customers have a choice (as they almost always do), some tactical and some strategic, some for which you have control and others where …

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Session 02 Agenda

A great thing happened while I was preparing for Session 02: I was inspired to reorganize Questions 4, 6, and 7, three key and heavily interrelated questions, in a way that I think will be helpful in your leveraging them for your pitch. I suspect that this also means that the original agenda is VERY …

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Implementation for One-Pagers

PowerPoint Exercises file available Please go to the Materials tab at the top of the page to download the PPT file with instructions and tools. You do not have to use PPT or this file, it’s just recommended. When you are done, IF YOU WANT COACHING please upload your work using the uploader at the …

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