The SIMPLE Version pages provide “just the facts”: the “what” (mostly) without the “why”. For the “why” and expanded context, please see the PLANO Details pages. PPP1 Context When you communicate: Be tactical: Every communication should transmit useful information. AND be strategic: Your communications are more powerful when they engage your audience and catalyze action …

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“Perfect Pitch” Philosophy

“Perfect Pitch” is not about pitching perfectly. It’s about tuning your words for the ears of your specific audience. Think of it more in terms of music than selling something. Most presenters focus on what they care about, but most audiences have motivations and interests that differ from the presenter’s. You can stand out from …

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Your Story, Your Way…

When you communicate in business situations, you often have a very limited amount of time to deliver critical information in a way that is both true to you and engaging to your audience. This combination is immensely challenging and can be intensely frustrating, so searching for help is common. A quick Google search will provide you access to (literally) …

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The 3 Essential Parts of Every Pitch

When I ask a new client to give me their one-minute elevator pitch, they usually start off by telling me what they do.  Three minutes later, they are usually still talking about what they do: cool technology, detailed engineering issues, business development options, etc.  It’s like saying, “How are you?” to someone and getting a detailed description of …

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