Q01 vSimple: PROBLEM

You have just a few seconds to capture the interest of your audience when you start a pitch. Focus right away on the magnitude of the problem you are solving and why a new solution is needed. Avoid wasting time at the beginning on your company’s history, the agenda, and other filler information. once you …

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UPLOAD Your Q01 Exercises

Question 01 is one of the hardest to answer. I hope that doing these exercises has helped you to develop a better, more concise way of clearly stating the problem, and that it also makes your opening more compelling to the audience of your choice. If you have succeeded in completing these exercises, it doesn’t …

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Q01 vExecute: WHO CARES?

Download the PPP Exercise file at the Exercise Downloads page for your convenience. Purpose Capture the audience’s imagination (market opportunity version) Establish (potential) demand from customers in both your initial target (beachhead) market and your blue sky growth markets. If you are pitching to customers or strategic partners, you should shift the focus to their …

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Q01: Exercises

Do the Question 01 Exercises It’s time to capture your answer to “Who cares?” by doing some exercises. The step-by-step approach is available in the Q01: Who Cares? Exercises in your Online Workbook. Find the workbook at My Courses and navigate to the appropriate exercises. A smart, exciting and plausible answer to Question 01 is …

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Q01: Tips & Tools

Consistency supports credibility The single biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make when they pitch is to have answers to the 10 Questions that are inconsistent from one to the next. For Question 1, consistency between bottom-up and top-down market estimates is useful because it shows that you understand your customers and their problems, and that there …

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Q01: Do’s & Don’ts

The standard approach to answering Question 1 is to search the Internet and business libraries for marketing studies that establish billion dollar markets for target markets. Doing this kind of research is useful for reality checks and establishing long term opportunities, but this type of study is of very limited value when pitching to an …

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Q01: Fear & Greed

If You Build It, Will They Come? The number one cause of startup failure (and I would venture, for most product failures) is that there is no market need.* The Fear you are trying to reduce is that only your Mom and your best friend will buy one each of your product. The Greed you …

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Q01: Business Issues

Who Cares? It’s easy for most entrepreneurs to get excited about a cutting edge technology or an elegant adaptation of an old one to solve a new problem. It seems so obvious that our solution has such clear value that anyone who hears about it should want to invest in it, buy it, or use …

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