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IMPLEMENT: Your audience

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IMPLEMENT: Your audience

“Perfect Pitch” means tuning your words for the ears of your audience, not trying to achieve perfection.

You can only tune your words accurately if you have a specific audience in mind. The more specific, the better!

Before building your next pitch start off by specifying to whom you will be pitching and identifying what motivates their decision (AKA, their Fear and Greed).

Not sure where to start? Watch the videos on the following pages, take the brief quiz, and/or do the Exercises for “Perfect Pitch Philosophy”.

When you write a pitch, you should always keep your specific audience in mind. A generic pitch will never work as well as one that is "tuned" to the ears of the audience.
If you're not sure, you can start with generic F&G. But make a habit out of improving your understanding of your target audience's motivations (F&G) every chance you get.

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