Strategic Communications Coaching Services

Strategic Communications Coaching

Training + Consulting: The best of Both Worlds

Augment your team(s) with the participation of an experienced professional who is dedicated to helping you to deliver your value propositions with clarity to an engaged audience.

Coaching combines the relevant aspects of training and consulting plus direct (but kind) feedback for maximum benefit to you, your team or your community.

Combine the training your stakeholders need with the consulting support they want to achieve communications super-powers.

You need to engage key audiences with your exciting value proposition. I am here to help you succeed!

Use Cases - Clients

Team members often have overwhelming amounts of work, disparate perspectives and ongoing challenges to resolve. Frustration and fighting can come to characterize most of your meetings.

A fresh perspective and structured approach can bring your team together, helping them to feel heard, providing useful tools for communicating, and minimizing frustration.

One-to-Few Coaching provides a regular opportunity to bring your team together, get back on the same page and deliver on the message.

Being CEO of a startup is one of the loneliest jobs in the world. You have to make difficult decisions before you have adequate data to make the correct one. And everyone’s livelihood depends on your being right, most of the time. For you, One-on-One Coaching provides a sounding board, accountability and support while you chart your way through the inevitable unknowns of your business. I can take on only a limited number of individual clients for One-on-One Coaching, so I am also launching a moderated Peer Coaching service that may interest you.

If any of your portfolio or candidate companies needs to improve their pitches dramatically, then a Consulting package will serve them best.

But if there are ongoing challenges with focus, deadlines, and communications, then Coaching can provide the focus and accountability that they need to achieve their milestones.

You may be the best engineer in your department. You may have a list of patents as long as your arm.

And yet, when it comes to getting a budget for your project from management, your requests fall on deaf ears.

I am a scientist by training, and trust me when I say I feel your pain! Fortunately, I know how to communicate your amazing ideas in a way that they can appreciate.

Consider Coaching for yourself or your team when you want to change the dynamic for your communications with management, customers and others.

If you are a manager who is frustrated by your department’s struggle to fund and implement great ideas, then Coaching is your best tool for changing outcomes for the better.

You have a tough job! Your customers are your sponsors, who have many options for their contributions. Your product is your startups, for whose participation you have to compete and who may or may not rise to your expectations by the finals. Your stakeholders are the many volunteers required to mentor, judge, manage events, and otherwise turn the wheels of your accelerator. And every year the competition for sponsors, startups, volunteers and other resources gets tougher. One-to-Many Coaching delivers the content, training, coaching and startup performance that you will help you to stand out from the competition, year after year. One-on-One Coaching can help you to fundraise and to keep your professional and volunteer staff on message.

Use Cases - Situations

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Coaching Services Descriptions

Coaching Services Descriptions


One-on-One Coaching


The best ways to earn the resources and investments that you and your ideas deserve is to communicate them clearly, concisely and in a way that is compelling to the audience of your choice.

One-to-Few coaching

Accelerate your TEAM's success

Strong teams are able to disagree, then commit. Successful teams are able to communicate that commitment to every audience, ensuring that more revenue, investment and attention comes to their organization.




One-to-Many Coaching

Accelerate your GROUP's success

Accelerators and incubators deliver important resources for groups of innovators to increase their chances – and rate – of success. Your organization may differentiate itself from competitors by industry or type of entrepreneurship, but competition for exciting new startups is stiff!
Make sure you deliver more value than your competitors by including Strategic Communications coaching to participants.

Peer Coaching

Accelerate your network

Being a CEO is a lonely job: you have to make tough decisions long before you have enough data to make the correct one – and your employees’ livelihood depends on your being right. But others face similar challenges every day. Learn from their experience!




Long-term Strategic Consulting

Maintain focus to attain your vision

As your vision and your organization grow and change over time, the one constant is your need to bring your stakeholders – from customers to investors – along for the ride! Periodic check-ups keep everyone on message with strong delivery skills and materials.


Are your services available in person or online?

I deliver my services either online or in person or in combination, depending on your goals, availability and budget.
Given my international clientele, I have extensive experience in working with people via webinar, in small conference rooms and large auditoriums.

Can you work with my whole team or do you just work one-on-one?

For established organizations, I prefer to work with the team to start as we can then ensure consensus on the final product. Once consensus has been achieved, I am happy to work with individuals or the whole team, as appropriate for the situation.
For startup companies, I can work with one founder or executive, or with the whole team. Whoever is delivering the communications must attend.

What is the time commitment for each service?

The amount of time it takes to deliver each service is highly dependent on the nature of your situation and budgetary constraints.

  • The Initial Strategy Consult is usually a half-day program and should be attended by all stakeholders. Preparation time consisting of interviews with representative stakeholders is required.
  • The Initial Communications Consult ranges from 2 to 5 hours, depending on complexity and experience. The speaker/ pitcher must attend; other team members are invited at your discretion.
  • Done-For-You Development requires a minimum of 2 weeks and can be longer if multiple versions or materials are required. Feedback from stakeholders is needed periodically to refine the final product(s).
  • The Polish Consult generally lasts one to two hours and requires participation by the speaker/ pitcher. Other team members are invited at your discretion.
  • Long-Term Strategic Consulting is fully customized to your situation so cannot be summarized in terms of time or participation.

What are your fees?

A fixed price is not available for the programs, as each is customized based on the number of sessions, people and products required.
For reference, my hourly rate is 350 USD and my day rate is 2500 USD.
Discounts are available for some nonprofit organizations and academic institutions.

Do you offer group programs?

Certainly! Please visit the Training page for a list of programs.
In addition, I often bundle Consulting services with Training into comprehensive Coaching programs for accelerators.
You can also review the Online Courses for self-paced and managed group programs.

Let's Talk!

15-min Discovery Call

Short discussion to identify  the best way to proceed for your situation.

30-min Free Consult

Experience my process and get practical advice for an upcoming presentation or pitch.