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Hi Jared! I’m really sorry about the headaches from trying to solve the Amelia issues. I really loved the modern interface and professional-looking interface for payments that Amelia enabled.

Now that I’ve explored these capabilities a bit further (and have been frustrated with every attempt to make Amelia due some things that I really need). I decided to revisit AppointmentCore. While overall I’m really happy with what I found (including Stripe integration), it’s definitely not as sexy as Amelia BUT it delivers essential capabilities. I haven’t identified competitors and perhaps you have found something better.

Scroll down to see updated ApptCore version

  • Easy to specify single date (or range of dates) for specific group. It even let’s me show just a week instead of a month, which is great for a single day of availability.
  • Easy to customize length of appt, buffer, etc., for specific group.
  • Time zone easy to change
  • Integrates with Keap
  • Can add tags, etc. (I haven’t done it yet for this “link” but I’ve done so extensively in the past. Am thinking of throwing out all the earlier versions and starting fresh so that we have clean, simple, MINIMAL links that are working for our social groups and clients).
  • Integrates with Stripe (not important for the 22 Jan group but I activated it for this example for the first time here to see if it works… it seems to!).
  • Like Amelia, I can offer many additional slots for different start times, etc.

What do you think??

I.e., I am still open to suggestions. 🙂 It’s still a bit clunky compared to Amelia, the dashboard is at ApptCore.com, not in WP, and I’m sure there are other things I’m not thinking of. I gave you admin access to AppointmentCore if you want to poke around, tho guessing you have more pressing things to attend to.

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