UPLOAD: PPP Part 2 Exercises

The more preparation you do for your high priority/ high value interactions, the more likely you are to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. Your responses to these exercises should have: Clarified your target for the pitches you develop during the workshop. Given you tools to assess your progress for every interaction you …

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Ex 00.4: Set the stage to build bridges

In EXERCISES & QUIZ: PPP Part 1, you and your team prioritized your values, audiences and asks, then assigned responsibility for each internally. Good job! Please respond to the PPP Part 2 Exercises with information you are comfortable sharing within our group. vSimple: Set the stage For the audience you defined in Exercise 0.3, create a document that will help …

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Investors are in every audience We tend to focus on VCs and angels when it comes time to create a pitch deck. But every time you ask anyone to do something that they were not already planning to do – buy, advise, collaborate, grant – you are pitching to them. Everyone who listens to you …

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Q00 vPlano: TIPS & TOOLS

The Internet make knowing specifics about your audience so much easier than it was in the past. There is literally no reason to pitch to any audience that is not a good match for your purposes. Review their websites When you begin the process of identifying specific people among your high priority audience, step one …

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Q00 vPlano: DO’S & DON’TS

Generic pitches get generic results Using a single deck to support your pitches to all types of audiences is tempting. After all, a central pitch that captures all your critical data, favorite images, and catchiest phrases makes it easier to locate exactly the slide(s) you want to show. But as your team and progress grow, …

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Q00 vPlano: FEAR & GREED

Your audience’s Fear & Greed is what matters Every pitch should be tuned to the ears of your target audience. Your script and slides should be designed to Reduce Fear & Increase Greed on ever page. Caution: it is very easy to slip into thinking about your Fear & Greed because it is so much …

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Ex 00.5: Are you roadshow ready?

I encourage you to have a full portfolio of pitches before you start raising your profile in your community. They don’t need to be perfect, but being prepared for the most common opportunities for communication will help you stay on track and build your reputation as a professional. Evaluate your readiness for a roadshow before …

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