Ex 01.3: Customize your F&G table

Before you create or refine your slide(s) in answer to Question 01, take a moment to think through your target audience and their specific Fear & Greed. Examples for different audiences will be shown throughout the workshop, but only you can determine the motivations of your target audience. Think through the value chain of people …

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UPLOAD: Q01 Exercises

Question 01 is one of the hardest to answer. I hope that doing these exercises has helped you to develop a better, more concise way of clearly stating the problem, and that it also makes your opening more compelling to the audience of your choice. Your responses to these exercises should have: Given you tools …

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Answer Question 01 First. Always. Your audience is driven by motivations that differ from yours by varying degrees. You may be most excited by pushing the boundaries of innovation while they may be most focused on the opportunity to dominate a market… or vice versa. But you don’t need to be convinced of your value. Your …

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Ex 01.2: Do a bottom-up market analysis

In Exercise 1.1, you asserted which market segments are relevant to your value proposition. You segmented them according to beachhead (initial) target market and markets for future growth opportunities. Now it’s time to validate those claims by doing a bottom-up estimate of the market segment sizes. Comparing these market estimates with the top-down projections from …

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Ex 01.5: Write your Q01 pitch

How you approach this exercise depends on whether you are using “Perfect Pitch” to refine your Elevator Pitch or to build your full 10-Minute Pitch. Both types of pitches should be no more than ~ 200 words in length! vSimple: Choose your pitch Elevator Pitch: Most useful for interacting during a live workshop or preparing …

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Estimate your market size

Bottom’s up! For each market segment of interest, you should make a back-of-the-envelope calculation as to its size. From your customer and other research, you should be able to estimate the number of customers in each segment, as well as how much they are paying today to solve the problem you are addressing. Multiply these …

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