Question 05 emphasizes the progress you’ve made to date and the ability of your team to execute. Please Upload The uploader will take PDFs and PPTs of up to 10 MB in size. If your file size is bigger than that (or you want to upload your whole deck), please replace any embedded videos with …

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Ex 05.3: Design a slide

Show off your successes You should enjoy creating this slide, as it will showcase your successes to date. Always take a moment to celebrate even the small wins. You are creating a new business, and every forward step is a step that thousands of others were not able to achieve. You are doing it! Whatever …

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Investors invest in execution It’s hard to come up with a great idea. But it’s just as hard to complete a useful proof of concept. And just as hard to beta test it, to build the prototype, and launch the first product. And the tenth product. Every aspect of starting, building and sustaining a business …

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Q05 vPlano: TIPS & TOOLS

Think of your path from great idea to product-for-sale as a continuum of risk and benefit. At the idea stage, the risk that your innovation never makes it to the marketplace is very high, for many reasons including some outside your control. If you are able to raise money at the high-risk end, it will …

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Q05 vPlano: DO’S & DON’TS

Is it real, or is it vaporware? No one wants to waste their time and money on something that evaporates before they can use it. There are a number of ways that you can prove – or at least validate – that your company is real and growing. In approximate order of decreasing power to …

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Q05 vPlano: FEAR & GREED

“Great ideas are a dime a dozen” Conventional wisdom claims that ideas are easy while execution is difficult. Half of that “wisdom” is wildly incorrect: Great ideas that form the foundation of a viable value proposition are very difficult to create. Often, you need years of experience and training to identify an innovative solution to …

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