Transform Your Vision into Reality

Got a great idea?

Your amazing idea needs hard work and hard cash to go from amazing vision in your head to fast-growing startup!

Built a prototype or beta version?

Cool! You still need hard work and hard cash to run your beta tests and incorporate the results into your first product.

Or is your first (or tenth) product ready to go to market?

Awesome! Still need hard work and hard cash to market, sell, build, and service it.

Get the resources you deserve

Whether you are targeting investors, customers, partners or someone else, you must be able to convince your audience that your innovation is the smartest investment they could make. And to do that, you need clarity on what they want from every aspect of your value proposition.

“Perfect Pitch” self-paced course

Take advantage of my systematic online course, “Answering the 10 Questions, Step-by-Step”. This course breaks down the key aspects of your value proposition into 10 simple Questions that every pitch should answer, then guides you and your team through answering them. The process will make your business better while helping you to build a ten-minute pitch that will engage and impress your audiences.

Own this workbook permanently for just $50.

Want more insights? Become a member!

The 10 Questions are simple, but not easy. To give you more context and understanding about “Perfect Pitch”, your membership gives you access to 13 online chapters of my book, “Perfect Pitch, Plano & Simple”. These chapters contain everything I have learned about building businesses and pitches in coaching hundreds and hundreds of startups, and are updated on an ongoing basis with new insights and specialized information for different industries. They are the perfect companion to “Answering the 10 Questions, Step-by-Step”.

Get access to this “living” book and other content and special offers by becoming a member at $100/month.

No time to spare? Get VIP support!

My online courses are a compilation of all my best information, but applying it to your own situation takes time and considerable effort. If you have an investor pitch next week, a trade show in a month, or are selling to customers today, you may not have the bandwidth to DIY your next pitch.

No problem! I am here to help.

Sign up for your 2-hour intensive one-on-one coaching session with me. Bonus, you get access to Chapter 01. “Prepare to Transform” of the 13 chapters of “Perfect Pitch, Plano & Simple”. This chapter will show you how to prepare for the 10 Questions.

During our webinar, we start with you pitching. You then receive direct (but kind!) feedback on your style and delivery. Next, we collaborate on rebuilding your deck from the ground up. At the end, I pitch the new version (including draft slides) for you. We wrap up the session by evaluating our progress and discuss next steps, if any. You of course receive access to the draft slides and the session recording.

Why me?

Decades of experience. A strong technical background (BS Physics MIT, PhD MS&E Stanford). Business experience in executive management at startups, established corporations and nonprofits.

And most important, a passion for helping innovators to realize their dreams by helping them to refine, develop, and communicate their amazing value proposition.

Over a thousand innovators have benefited from “Perfect Pitch”, raising well over a billion dollars. Take advantage of my systematic, collaborative approach and let’s transform your ability to engage people with the resources to make your dreams reality.

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Short discussion to identify  the best way to proceed for your situation.

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Experience my process and get practical advice for an upcoming presentation or pitch.